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This is honestly a post I thought I'd never write!

For years, I worked through another company to offer my academic support services. In the fall of 2019, I left that company to fully pursue working on my own and building this company. There were many reasons I left that company, their strong push for online tutoring being one of them. I thought it could never work with my students. I work with students who are neurodiverse, from ADHD to processing disorders to autism spectrum disorder. There was NO WAY online tutoring would work for my students.

Well, then March 2020 happened, the world turned upside down, and we were forced to immediately move online. In one weekend, I found an online platform, learned how to use it, and created a welcoming remote space for my students. We worked through the school year and into the next. My students thrived, and, in some ways, online sessions were even MORE effective than in-person sessions. We could share and collaborate in real time on whiteboards and screen sharing, instead of passing a worksheet or tablet back and forth. We could focus in our own spaces, as opposed to a crowded library. We could schedule sessions, regardless of what area of town we were in. We could relieve the stress of drive time and traffic.

Did I miss being in the same room with my kids? Of course! But after working solely online for over a year, I couldn't deny that the benefits outweighed the drawbacks, and, in April of 2021, I announced that we would be online permanently.

I was wrong about my previous conceptions of online sessions, and I am grateful to be able to offer our services to more students. Students all over the country can now access our unique services!

Click the button below to schedule your free consultation! I can't wait to meet you!



Allison Lattman

Founder and CEO of LATTitude Learning

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